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Hunter Pumps is a proud supplier of Blagdon Pumps

Ensuring Excellence in Fluid Handling Since the 1950s

Blagdon Pumps, founded in the 1950s, is a distinguished manufacturer renowned for its exceptional Air-Operated Double Diaphragm (AODD) Pumps, diaphragms, and accessories. Their persistent commitment to quality and innovation makes them stand out.  

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Blagdon Pumps: The Industry's 'Work Horse' for Fluid Handling

With a focus on low-cost ownership, these industrial pumps combine high-quality wear parts with low-priced spares, offering a high degree of customisation opportunities.

Key Features and Benefits include:

Blagdon’s AODD pumps, known as the industry’s “work horse” for managing tough liquids at flows and low pressures, offer near-limitless applications.

Blagdon Pumps Quality Assurance Process

Every Blagdon Pump goes through a strict quality assurance process before it’s ready for use:

Visual Inspection:


Ensuring the physical components of their pumps are in optimal condition and correctly assembled.

Mating Surfaces

Checking the areas where two parts of the pump connect or interact to ensure a secure and proper fit.

Pipe Threads

Examining the threads on the pipes for any signs of wear, damage, or improper threading that could affect the pump's performance.

Wetted Materials

Inspecting the materials that come into contact with the fluid being pumped to ensure they are appropriate and undamaged.

At Hunter Pumps Industrial, we are proud to have partnered with Blagdon, always delivering industry-leading solutions that exceed expectations and redefine standards of excellence.

Hunter Pumps is a proud supplier of Blagdon Pumps

Blagdon Pumps Offers Quality and Innovation

Choosing Blagdon means investing in a legacy of quality and innovation. With their robust AODD pumps, reliable diaphragms, and versatile accessories, Blagdon ensures efficiency and longevity in every product. Their commitment to low-cost ownership and customisation opportunities makes them an industry leader in fluid handling solutions.

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Experience the difference of using Blagdon – where innovation, reliability, and high quality meet.

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