Hunter Pumps is a proud supplier of Boerger

Pioneering Pump Solutions Since 1975, Globally Recognized

Since 1975, Boerger has been a world-renowned, leading Rotary Lobe Pumps and Macerating Technologies manufacturer. With a rich history of innovation, the company provides a range of 20 pump sizes, non-metallic equipment, and parts to construct rotary lobe pumps that are perfectly suited for any application. 

Boerger’s commitment to excellence forms the foundation of global sustainable solutions in feeding technology.

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Boerger: Powering Industries with Efficient Pump Solutions

At Hunter Pumps, we’re proud to have partnered with Boerger, a world-renowned manufacturer known for its industry-leading solutions. Our collaboration brings you compact, energy-efficient pumps that are precise and suitable for various industries. Boerger products can be found across various sectors, including:

With Boerger, expect quality and efficiency in every solution.

Benefits of a Boerger Pump

Boerger pumps stand out in the market for their unparalleled efficiency and adaptability. Here’s what makes a Boerger pump an excellent  investment:

Customised Solution

Every Boerger pump is a customised solution designed to match the application's unique requirements.

Material Variety

Boerger offers an unmatched selection and variety of materials.

Energy Efficiency

The pumps perform well with minimal energy consumption and space requirements. Because of their excellent efficiency, they also consume low power.


In some applications, they have substantially reduced energy expenses, and they have low operating and replacement costs.


Boerger pumps have an easy-to-access Maintenance-In-Place design, making them simple to service.

Key Features of a Boerger Pump


Positive displacement, valveless, self-priming Boerger rotary lobe pumps.

Direct, Large Volume Passages

They have direct, high-volume passages.

Frequency Converter

Each Boerger rotary lobe pump features a frequency converter, which allows for independent speed regulation.

Reliability and Durability

Boerger products are designed for continuous use and are trouble-free.


Boerger rotary lobe pumps are ideal for various applications with various flow ranges, fluid types, and local operating circumstances due to their various materials, pump sizes, and sealing solutions.

With Boerger, you can expect quality, efficiency, and durability in every solution.

Hunter Pumps is a proud supplier of Boerger

Choose Boerger: Quality Pumps, Proven Solutions

Boerger’s compact and customised construction ensures smooth pumping even under high pressures. Boerger’s proven seal solutions and reduced lifecycle costs make it a top choice for the best rotary lobe pump. Maintained with ease, Boerger pumps are a testament to quality and reliability. 


For more details about Boerger’s range of products, including their comprehensive lineup of macerating equipment, reach out to our team at Hunter Pumps. We’re committed to helping you find the perfect pump solution for your needs. You can rely on Boerger’s innovation and quality solutions.

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