Hunter Pumps is a proud supplier of Caprari

Hunter Pumps: Delivering Caprari's Excellence in Pumping Solutions Across Australia

Hunter Pumps, a premier supplier in Australia, proudly offers Caprari pumps, renowned for their excellence in fluid handling since 1945. Caprari, an iconic brand based in Modena, Italy, specialises in innovating high-quality pumps and motors, designed for the integrated water cycle. Their pumps are known for their unbeatable reliability, efficiency, and durability in different industries, making Caprari a top choice for industrials looking for reliable pumping solutions.

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Caprari: Advancing Water Cycle Management with Cutting-Edge Pump Solutions

Caprari is a leading independent group specialising in designing and producing centrifugal and electric pumps, along with advanced solutions for managing the integrated water cycle, including irrigation borehole pumps. Caprari products service the:

Their commitment to innovation ensures these products deliver unmatched performance, optimising fluid transfer while reducing energy consumption.

Hunter Pumps is a proud supplier of Caprari

Power Your Industry Operations with Caprari's Advanced Pump Solutions

At Hunter Pumps Industrial, we take pride in our wide range of top-quality Caprari pumps. Our pumps cater to various needs in agriculture, industrial processing, and mining across Australia. We are committed to providing top-tier solutions with our wide range of Caprari pumps, including:

Progressive Cavity Pump

Designed for optimal performance, these pumps ensure efficient fluid transfer with minimal energy consumption, making them a preferred choice for applications such as irrigation, wastewater management, and more.

With Caprari’s focus on sustainability, energy efficiency, and durability, coupled with Hunter Pumps’ dedication to reliability and customer satisfaction, we guarantee solutions that offer competitive prices, low maintenance, and adaptability to even the most demanding conditions.

Hunter Pumps is a proud supplier of Cat Pumps

Experience the Efficiency of Caprari Pumps with Hunter Pumps Industrial

Choose Hunter Pumps Industrial for your Caprari pump needs and benefit from our expertise in delivering high-quality, energy-efficient solutions across Australia. Our commitment to technological excellence ensures you receive products designed for optimal performance in various sectors. With our Australia-wide delivery service, finding the right Caprari pump tailored to your specific requirements has never been easier. 

If you need help with any of the Caprari product range please reach out to us for unparalleled support.

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