Hunter Pumps: Your Trusted Partner for CMG Pumps in Australia and New Zealand

Hunter Pumps, a premier supplier renowned for its robust and reliable pumps, proudly serves Australia and New Zealand as the trusted distributor of CMG Pumps. With a focus on excellence, Hunter Pumps offers an extensive selection of CMG electric motors, geared motors, and AC drives tailored for diverse industrial needs. They guarantee efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and unparalleled reliability, ensuring every product detail is optimised for durability and performance.

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Maximising Sugar Industry Efficiency with the CMG MP Pump

Hunter Pumps introduces the CMG MP Pump, a cutting-edge solution tailored specifically for the sugar industry. This pump stands out for its ability to operate efficiently in either direction without the need for part changes, embodying simplicity and cost-effectiveness in maintenance due to its bushing and sleeve configuration. This design minimises downtime and maximises cost savings.

Key features of the CMG MP Pump include:

Designed with the sugar industry in mind, the CMG MP Pump excels in handling Massecuites and Magmas. Its durable construction, available in cast steel, full stainless steel, or combinations thereof, guarantees an extended operating life and heightened reliability. 

Trust Hunter Pumps and the CMG MP Pump for unparalleled efficiency and performance in your sugar processing operations.

Elevate Your Operations with CMG Pumps from Hunter Pumps

Selecting CMG pumps from Hunter Pumps for your operations in Australia and New Zealand is a decision that brings unparalleled reliability, efficiency, and performance directly to your doorstep. Our extensive experience and deep understanding of the sugar industry’s demands ensure that we deliver not just pumps, but comprehensive pumping solutions tailored to handle viscous liquids effectively. 

With Hunter Pumps Industrial, you gain access to top-quality CMG pumps, a wide range of options, and expert guidance, all designed to optimise your processes with minimal maintenance. Rely on our established track record and allow us to assist you with CMG’s outstanding pump technology.

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