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Hunter Pumps is a proud supplier of Zenox Pumps

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Zenox Pumps, specialising in submersible pumps, combines innovative design with dependable quality construction, ensuring excellent value. Their innovative design, dependable quality, and excellent value define their 10-year growth journey across Australia, showcasing industrial excellence.

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Zenox Pumps: Superior Pump Solutions for All Needs

At Hunter Pumps, we’ve partnered with Zenox Pumps to offer industry-leading pump solutions known for their efficiency, compactness, and versatility. Zenox Pumps cater to a vast array of applications, ensuring superior quality and performance across various industries:

With Zenox Pumps, expect quality and efficiency in every solution.

Explore Zenox's Premier Submersible Pumps

Zenox Pumps is known for supplying durable, efficient, and flexible submersible pumps. Their top products include the Zenox ZSS and ZSG series, tailored to address different water management needs.

Zenox ZSS series

Zenox ZSG series

Hunter Pumps is a proud supplier of Zenox Pumps

Hunter Pumps: Your Go-to Source for Zenox Pumps' Premium Submersible Pumps

Hunter Pumps Industrial is proud to partner with Zenox Pumps, bringing Australia unparalleled submersible pump solutions that redefine innovation, quality, and value. Join us in experiencing the zenith of water management technology.

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