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Hunter Pumps Industrial is a leading supplier of disinfectant sprayers in Australia and NZ. Our products provide the highest airless and electrostatic spraying power on the market, contributing to business growth by allowing safe operations. We offer innovative, patented technologies that deliver the highest productivity for industrial-grade cleaning jobs, both small and large.

Our premium line of electric disinfectant sprayers from Graco allows businesses to operate safely, keeping people safe by effectively sanitising, disinfecting, and deodorising industrial spaces.


Disinfectant sprayers are built for sanitising, disinfecting, and deodorising jobs, offering consistent coverage faster while using less labour. These sprayers allow businesses to operate safely by providing complete surface coverage through a quick and complete application.

Proven more efficient than spray-and-wipe methods, they can access hard-to-reach corners, effectively stopping the virus and germs from spreading. A disinfectant sprayer is a powerful tool for targeting surfaces to prevent the spreading of infectious diseases.


Coronavirus (COVID-19) is a highly infectious disease with droplet transmission and contact routes. Transmission can occur by direct contact (within 1 metre) with the infected person or indirect transmission with the environment or objects used by the infected person.

Cleaning and disinfecting surfaces is one of the most important factors of preventive measures against the virus. The right cleaning techniques with the most advanced cleaning equipment gives a sense of security for every manager that their operations will not be compromised.


The first choice for cleaning method is always the manual method of using soap and water to wipe surfaces and mop large areas, for very high risk areas use of UV-light is recommended. However, businesses are looking for a more and more advanced and effective approach to maintain a safe environment.

The manual method of wipe and clean using hand pump sprayers are patronized, however, these are not capable of cleaning and sanitising inaccessible areas. Also, using the wrong tool for a large area makes the work longer to take. It is important to choose the best equipment to get going.

Disinfectant sprayers that use advanced technologies are highly recommended to give businesses the benefits which cannot be given by conventional ways. This commercial and industrial cleaning equipment is needed to get the job done faster, disinfectant sprayers such as spray guns are to go to equipment of each manager who is aware of the safety needs but wants it done efficiently and effectively.


Environmental and industrial cleaning service is a complex task that requires thorough training to be effective. It is imperative to be done to ensure proper sanitising cleaning services are taught.

In a business perspective, cleaning helps remove general dirt and removes pathogens which significantly reduce their load on contaminated areas. Cleaning with water and soap by wiping them on surfaces and floors removes the dirt, and debris on your businesses but does not kill microorganisms. Hence, the right chemical disinfectant solution needs to be added to kill the microorganisms (such as alcohol or chlorine). Moreover, using the right tool will largely help in getting these chemicals into action.

Disinfectant solutions should be handled and prepared rightfully to be effective and to reduce the exposure of the operator to the chemical. With the threat of the virus, cleaning equipment for industrial cleaning services is needed to get the job done.

Cleaning equipment should also be maintained. Improper handling will only cause issues than help. Cleaning and sanitising your business is not simple as it may sound, doing it correctly with the right industrial cleaning equipment that best fits your operations is one of the keys to business continuity.


Industrial disinfectant sprayers, such as the Graco SaniSpray HP sprayers, work using electrostatic disinfection.


The sprayer mixes the disinfectant with the surrounding air to aerosolise the solution, turning the liquid disinfectant into a fine spray.


As the solution is sprayed through the nozzle, it passes over a positively charged electrode or diode tip, which gives a positive charge to the disinfectant droplets, finally forming a spray pattern.


The positively charged droplets are drawn to and bond with surfaces carrying negative charges. This ensures the disinfectant covers and adheres to the entire surface, even if the mist is sprayed from a single direction.


After the disinfectant is applied, it eliminates or neutralises pathogens on the surface.

It’s important to note that electrostatic disinfection doesn’t produce a protective layer. It leaves surfaces clean until the next contact. For instance, if an electrostatic sprayer is used to disinfect a handrail, it will remove any pathogens present until it’s touched again, which must be disinfected once more. Do not use any other chemicals.




Hunter Pumps Industrial has supplied reliable Electrostatic & Airless Disinfectant Sprayers for over 25 years. In Australia and NZ, we offer businesses the fastest, highest airless, and electrostatic spraying power solutions from trusted manufacturers.

Our sprayers are designed to apply disinfectants that meet EPA’s criteria against SARS-CoV-2, delivering the proper atomisation to coat and sanitise surfaces consistently. With our extensive range of disinfectant sprayers for commercial and industrial use, you can effectively disinfect areas and protect against viruses and bacteria.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

No, using an airless paint sprayer for disinfectants or sanitisers is not recommended. The strong atomisation can reduce their effectiveness and harm people nearby. Also, these chemicals may corrode the sprayer parts. It's advised to use equipment specifically designed for these applications to ensure safety and reliability.

Electrostatic sprayers are indeed beneficial for disinfecting large areas or hard-to-reach places. They aerosolise the disinfectant and apply a positive charge, which ensures an even distribution. Yet, using them properly is important to avoid any potential risks. These sprayers make disinfecting chemicals electromagnetically cling to targeted surfaces.

Electrostatic spraying is generally safe when used correctly. It's critical to follow safety measures, such as wearing appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) and reducing the number of people in the area being sprayed. Using non-irritating disinfectants can also enhance safety. Despite its efficacy, any misuse can pose potential risks.