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Wastewater poses major harm to plants, animals, and humans alike. Without appropriate treatment, oils and other substances in wastewater can contaminate and ravage ecological systems.

To safely reintegrate water back into its sources, it must undergo treatments like oil-water separation. Hunter Pumps, a leading supplier with over 25 years of experience and commitment to quality, plays a crucial role in this process.

Oil water separators play an important role in maintaining clean and safe water. These enhanced gravity systems eliminate oil and suspended solids from wastewater, making them indispensable in treating wastewater from various sectors, including residential areas, restaurants, commercial buildings, vehicle wash bays, and workshops.

Hunter Pumps provides versatile pumping solutions and water safety mechanisms to various sectors across Australia.

Industrial Oil Water Separator Benefits

Industrial Oil Water Separator Benefits

At Hunter Pumps, we understand the essential role of effective wastewater management in various industries.
Our range of oil water separators is specifically designed to deliver numerous benefits and meet your unique needs.

How Does A Submersible Pump Work?

Environmental Protection

These devices are instrumental in safeguarding the environment. They keep the water cycle free from oil contaminants, reducing the environmental impact of industrial processes. They help prevent pollution of bodies of water and decrease overall water pollution.

Regulatory Compliance

Oil and water separators play an important role for businesses to comply with local and international laws that mandate the separation of oil and water, preventing oil from entering the water cycle. Their use can help businesses avoid non-compliance fines or penalties.

Improved Process Efficiency

Oil water separators enhance process efficiency by effectively removing oil from wastewater. For instance, their installation in a wastewater reuse treatment plant makes the chemical treatment and filtration process more effective due to the absence of oils.

Reduce Maintenance

Well-designed oil-water separators ensure efficient performance of downstream equipment and low maintenance requirements by efficiently separating oil from water.

Cost Savings

Advanced oil-water separators provide an economical solution that leads to cost savings by eliminating the need for expensive third-party condensate collection.

Risk Mitigation

By helping industries properly manage their wastewater, oil-water separators play a crucial role in environmental protection and risk mitigation.


Discover the perfect solution to your wastewater management challenges with Hunter Pumps’ extensive range of oil-water separators.
Trust our products for superior environmental protection, regulatory compliance, and process efficiency.

Industrial Oil Water Separator Applications

Many industries use oil-water separators to comply with environmental regulations. Some common businesses that rely on oil-water separators include:

On a wider scale, the sectors that predominantly utilise oil-water separators are:
Facts about Oil Water Separators:
What You Need to Know

Why Must Oil and Water Be Separated?

Separating oil from water is crucial for environmental protection and resource conservation. One droplet of oil can spread across a large water surface, with one litre of motor oil potentially contaminating one million litres of water. This contamination can prevent oxygen from reaching plants and animals, posing an environmental hazard.

An oil water separator system is designed to remove free-floating hydrocarbons such as diesel, hydraulic fluid, and oil from water, separating up to 99.5% of oil found in compressed air water vapour.

In doing so, it allows for disposing of cleaner water by treating wastewater to remove oil, making it an ideal solution for conserving resources and minimising environmental impact.

How Does an Oil-Water Separator Work?

An oil water separator is a vital piece of equipment in the wastewater treatment process, specifically designed to separate oil and suspended solids from industrial wastewater sources. The separation process is based on the principle that most oils, fats, and greases are less dense than water and will float in water.

The operation begins with a pre-filter stage, where large contaminants are removed from the wastewater. Following this pre-filtration, the wastewater enters the oil water separator through its inlet chamber. Here, the gravitational separation of free-floating oil takes place. Solids sink to the bottom while oil droplets rise to the surface.

The next stage involves the use of coalescing plate separators, where the wastewater travels across inclined plates. This encourages the oil droplets to rise to the surface and coalesce with other oil particles, forming larger oil globules. This increases the oil’s buoyancy, making separating the oil from the water easier.

Once separated, the waste oil is moved to a drum underneath the separator. The solids move to an in-built hopper. The cleaned wastewater then moves to a sewer to be collected for further stages of filtration before it can be discharged back to a water source.

This equipment can process 1,000 to 3,000 litres of wastewater per hour. Diaphragm pumps are also used to pump wastewater into the equipment at a steady flow rate. For regular maintenance, the plate packs must be cleaned using hot water.

Why Choose Hunter Pumps?

When it comes to product supply to servicing, Hunter Pumps has stood as a leading name in designing and manufacturing oil removal systems for over 25 years. Our proficiency in creating solutions for various industrial applications is unmatched. The range of benefits offered by our industrial oil-water separator range is extensive and cost-effective, ensuring an optimal balance between performance and cost. With Hunter Pumps, you get the assurance of quality, reliability, and industry-leading expertise.

Are you in Australia and seeking the best solutions for your oil-water separation needs? Contact Hunter Pumps for efficient and cost-effective solutions that meet your needs. Trust us as your partner for superior wastewater management.

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