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Hunter Pumps Industrial is a leading supplier of Hose Reels in Australia, providing best-in-class products that contribute to safer, more organised, and efficient workplaces across heavy industries. Our carefully engineered hose reels, constructed with the highest quality materials, are designed to last while improving productivity. Available in various sizes and materials, our hose reels support cables, hoses, flexible tubing, and wires for dispensing different types of fluids.

If you need to transfer large amounts of substances daily, our retractable hose reels can make the task easier and safer.


Hose reels provide an accessible source of fluids or air within a facility and are ideal for rugged indoor and outdoor use. From bulk fluid pumping to precise dispensing, heavy-duty retractable reels work with various substances like lubricating grease, synthetic-based oils, petroleum, water, and more. 

They are commonly found in warehouses or fire emergency stations and are made with high-grade materials for robust construction. Hose reels are made with heavy-duty construction and high-grade materials such as metal. 

Depending on the way wires are rewound, there are different types of hose reels, such as electric, hydraulic, or spring-type, depending on the rewinding method.


A good hose reel combines durability, performance, and value. It features a robust frame, and appropriate hose length and size. The spring, latch, and swivel form the core of the reel, with a new spring design that eases the pull-down process, especially for the last 3m (10ft). The spring latch retracts the hose, making it effortless to operate. A durable full-flow swivel maximises material flow with minimal pressure drop.

Other important characteristics include:

An improved long-life spring that reduces user fatigue

Compact pedestal and spool accommodating 10-20 metres (35-65 foot) hose capacity

Improved latch design preventing lock-outs at full hose extension

Durable, corrosion-resistant finish available in multiple colours

Retractable Hose Reel Features

Drum pumps come in different types, but the basic operating principles are similar.


Typical Fluids Transmitted by a Retractable Hose Reel



We offer premium retractable hose reels for light-duty use, ensuring workplace safety with long-lasting protection. With a range of hose sizes, frame types, and reel types, we offer flexible solutions tailored to your needs.

Our hose reels come with accessories such as a flexible hose and handle, enhancing their functionality and user-friendliness. They are perfect for organising and storing cables, wires, ropes, power cords, air hoses, chemical hoses, beverage hoses, and more, especially in industrial settings like warehouses.

For fire emergency stations, our fire hose reels help staff or building occupants direct water onto a fire during emergencies. These hose reels often form part of the building requirements for fire safety certificates or insurance applications.

Our retractable hose reels are designed for easy and quick use, maximising workplace productivity, safety, and efficiency. Graco retractable hose reels are world-class in quality and last with you for longer.

If you need high-quality, heavy-duty hose reels for your facility, Hunter Pumps have got you covered. Talk to our specialist today for guidance on buying the right retractable hose reel.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Hunter Pumps hose reels are built with long-lasting, high-quality components designed to excel in demanding industrial environments. Engineered steel frames, improved spring retraction, and full-flow swivel designs ensure reliable operation and resilience against the wear and tear of industrial use.

Yes, our hose reels are designed for easy maintenance. They are enclosed for safety and to extend hose life, protecting the mechanism from dust and debris. Regular cleaning and occasional lubrication of the swivel and spring mechanisms are all that are needed to maintain excellent performance.

Purchasing the right hose reel depends on the type of fluid or air you're working with, the volume of transfer required, and the environmental conditions of your workspace. Consider hose length, diameter, and the reel's material compatibility with the fluids you're using. Our specialists can provide customised advice to ensure you choose the most suitable hose reel.

Spring tension adjustment can be done even while the reel is pressurised. Locate the tension adjustment knob or mechanism on your reel—usually found on the side or the bottom. Turn it according to the manufacturer's instructions to increase or decrease tension, ensuring best performance and ease of use.

The key specifications include temperature tolerance from -40 °C to 100 °C and hose lengths of up to 46 metres. These specifications ensure that the hose reels can operate efficiently in a wide range of environments and applications.

To increase spring tension, add wraps of hose by pulling out approximately 10 feet of hose and hand feeding it back through the roller bracket assembly until you can add two or three wraps on the spool. To reduce tension, remove wraps one at a time. For dual pedestal reels, remove the bumper and control handle to adjust the hose wraps.