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As a leading supplier of industrial pumps in Australia, Hunter Pumps Industrial is committed to offering the best equipment on time and to specification, servicing Australia-wide and New Zealand. We are renowned for our expertise in innovative magnetic drive pumps designed specifically for handling hazardous liquids, ensuring safety, efficiency, and reliability in various industrial applications.

What is a Magnetic Drive Pump?

A magnetic drive pump (or mag-drive pump) has a seal-less design, where a hermetically sealed chamber protects the fluids it handles and its impeller. Mag-drive pumps are a type of centrifugal pump. This airtight feature allows mag-drive pumps to handle fluids without leakage. Fluids that are flammable, toxic, or generally hazardous in any way are best handled by a seal-less, extremely airtight magnetic drive pump.

This significantly cuts down on the upfront pump cost and operational expenses since no mechanical seals, seal-fluid pots, or cooling lines could break during pumping. Magnetic drive pumps are the answer to zero emissions and reliability.

Magnetic Drive Pumps Features and Benefits

Is a magnetic drive pump the best choice for your application? The team at Hunter Pumps would be glad to help with that. We can help you select and maintain your magnetic drive pumps from supply to repair and servicing.

How Magnetic Drive Pumps Work

A magnetic drive pump works through an innovative and efficient process where the motor, or the drive magnet, spins and creates an attraction with the impeller magnet located in the interior of the pump. This attraction causes the impeller to spin in synchronisation with the motor.

The impeller floats within the pump housings, stabilised by a stationary shaft. A unique feature of this design is that the motor shaft remains outside the pump, eliminating the need for a shaft seal. This feature significantly reduces maintenance work by removing the task of maintaining or replacing the pump shaft seal.

Through this mechanism, the motor’s torque is smoothly passed to the impeller, enabling the pump to operate. Most magnetic drive pumps are centrifugal pumps, though some are also positive displacement pumps. Centrifugal pumps use one or more impellers to generate fluid velocity.


Our range of Magnetic Drive Pumps can be used in almost any industry, including both Sanitary and Industrial applications. See how versatile these pumps can be.

While magnetic drive pumps’ application is limited to clean fluids only, they are excellent at pumping fluids that require careful handling, such as abrasive liquids, acids, bases, solvents, and more.


When selecting a mag drive pump, several primary specifications must be considered. These include:

Flow Rate
Pump Head
Power Rating
Outlet Diameter
Operating Temperature

By carefully considering these specifications, you can select the mag drive pump that best fits your needs.

Types of Magnetic Drive Pumps

There are two basic types of magnetic drive pumps:

Rotating Shaft Magnetic Drive Pumps

These pumps are intended for robust, heavy-duty tasks. They’re typically constructed from metal, offering superior durability, thermal resistance, and pressure tolerance. The presence of a rotating shaft enhances the pump’s intricacy, leading to the need for more components. This increased complexity can result in heightened maintenance needs and higher costs.

Stationary Shaft Magnetic Drive Pumps

These pumps, designed for light to medium-duty operations, feature immobile shafts and moving driven magnets. They’re often made from non-metallic materials such as ceramics and plastics, known for their commendable corrosion resistance but limited thermal capacity, typically up to 200-250°F. The stationary shaft reduces the pump’s complexity, requiring fewer parts, thereby simplifying upkeep and lowering cost.

Troubleshooting Common Issues

Common issues and troubleshooting tips for Magnetic Drive Pumps:

Dry Running

This is when a pump is working without any fluid. The liquid being pumped usually helps to cool and lubricate the pump. When a pump runs dry, it can cause a lot of heat due to friction, possibly leading to damage like the impeller (a key part of the pump) melting onto the shaft. To avoid this, make sure your pumps always have fluid in them when running.


If a pump gets too hot, it can cause problems like demagnetising (losing magnetic strength) and decoupling (disconnecting parts). The magnets in magnetic drive pumps can lose their strength if they get too hot. It’s important to keep an eye on the temperature, making sure it doesn't go above the pump’s recommended operating range.

Solid Matter Transfer

If any solid particles get into the pump, they can cause damage. Make sure that the fluid you're pumping doesn't contain any solid particles.


Cavitation refers to issues caused by quick changes in pressure. This can harm the pump’s components. To avoid this, make sure the pump is working within its suggested pressure range.


If a magnetic drive pump works for a long time while decoupled, the magnets could lose their magnetism permanently. A power monitoring device can help keep track of this condition, as well as monitor the pump's temperature.

Radial Loading

One of the benefits of some magnetic drive pumps is they experience less radial loading (force applied at different angles) compared to standard models. This is due to a design feature where bearings are placed on both sides of the inner magnet, providing stability, reducing radial loading, and making the pump more tolerant of off-peak operation.


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