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At Hunter Pumps, our peristaltic pumps stand out for their exceptional ability to transport a variety of fluids without any risk of cross-contamination. These pumps feature an isolated tubing mechanism, ensuring that the fluid never comes into contact with the pump’s internal components. This design is ideal for applications requiring the utmost purity and hygiene, offering flow rates ranging from 0.3 to 22 gallons per day.

Our peristaltic pumps employ a unique mechanism where a motor-driven wheel exerts controlled pressure on the tubing, ensuring precise fluid displacement. The adjustable nature of our pumps, coupled with a clutching mechanism, allows for highly accurate dosing tailored to the specific needs of your application.


What is a Peristaltic Pump?

A peristaltic pump is a type of positive displacement pump, functioning similarly to natural peristaltic movements found in biological systems. The pump’s design features a flexible, airtight hose or tube, ensuring leak-proof operation and the ability to handle a variety of fluids safely and efficiently.

How Do Peristaltic Pumps Work?

A peristaltic pump, often known for its use in various applications, operates on a mechanism akin to “peristalsis,” a biological process that pushes food through our bodies. Here’s how it works:
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High Precision Dosing

Peristaltic pumps are equipped with either shoes or rollers, optimised for different pressure requirements, ensuring precise fluid control.

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Advanced Process Reliability

The rotation of elements within a peristaltic pump ensures a consistent and controlled fluid flow, ideal for applications requiring accuracy and reliability.

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Advanced Process Reliability

The internal hose is engineered to return to its original shape after being squeezed, ensuring a consistent fluid flow.

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High Precision Dosing

The rotation also creates a vacuum, drawing more fluid into the pump. The more elements a pump has, the more constant its flow.

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Advanced Process Reliability
The pump’s design, including the tubing’s thickness, is essential. For instance, the pump must exert more pressure to handle thick tubing.
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Advanced Process Reliability

The internal hose is engineered to return to its original shape after being squeezed, ensuring a consistent fluid flow.

Peristaltic Pumps: Industry Uses & Applications

Hunter Pumps’ peristaltic solutions are versatile and widely used across various sectors, including pharmaceuticals, medical, food and beverage, chemical processing, water treatment, and more. These pumps are ideal for applications where purity and precision are paramount.

Peristaltic pumps are commonly used in the following applications:

A peristaltic pump prevents cross-contamination of nutrients, chemicals, or even blood in dialysis. It finds applications in various fields where maintaining purity is crucial.

Peristaltic Pumps - Features and Benefits

Peristaltic pumps, or tube pumps, offer unique features and benefits, making them ideal for various industrial applications.


Easy maintenance due to a straightforward design.


Capable of handling diverse fluids, from thick sludges to corrosive substances.


Fluids only contact the tubing, preventing contamination.

Dry Running

Can run dry without any damage.


Capable of priming themselves, simplifying operations.

In short, whether it’s cleaning our clothes, our water, or feeding our crops, peristaltic pumps make sure everything gets just the right amount.


Low Maintenance

Due to their simplicity, these pumps require minimal maintenance.

High Accuracy

Precise flow control, perfect for dosing.


As the fluid doesn't come into contact with the pump, it's safe for sterile applications.


Durable with low maintenance needs.


Suitable for various industries, including pharmaceutical, food and beverage, chemical, and more.

Peristaltic pumps are a reliable, versatile, and efficient solution for fluid handling applications.

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