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At Hunter Pumps, we’re proud to provide high-performance Hydraulic Vane Pumps. As a leading supplier of positive displacement pumps, we understand the substantial role rotary vane pumps play in your operations. Our pumps offer constant flow at different pressures, adaptable to your specific needs.

Each pump has a pressure relief valve for optimal safety. Reliable, suitable, and efficient, our rotary vane pumps exemplify Hunter Pumps’ commitment to quality and effectiveness. 

What is a Rotary Vane Pump?

A Rotary Vane Pump, also known as a vacuum pump, is a type of Hydraulic Vane Pump that acts as a self-priming positive displacement pump. It is designed to handle fluids and gases, providing a consistent flow at different pressures. The pump works by utilising vanes on a rotor within a cylindrical housing.

As the rotor spins, it creates “vane chambers” or liquid chambers that fill with fluid or gas due to the inlet vacuum pressure. The fluid or gas is compressed, pressurised, and discharged through the pump outlet. One notable feature of this pump is its pressure relief valve, which prevents damage by controlling pressure build-up.

With its ability to convert kinetic energy into speed using centrifugal force, this pump is widely used in various industries. It is commonly employed as a high-pressure hydraulic pump in the food and beverage sectors, water treatment industry, automobiles, and particularly in driving pressurised water through reverse osmosis filtration membranes.

Typical Applications of a Vane Pump

Hunter Pumps rotary vane pumps are used across a multitude of industries. These pumps are crucial in automobiles, effortlessly moving freon, power-steering fluid, and transmission fluid. They are also incredibly efficient and versatile, making them ideal for transferring clean, low to medium-viscosity fluids and fuels at varying temperatures and pressures. Beyond these industrial applications, our pumps lend their efficiency and reliability to the following:

Fuel and Light Oil Transfer
LPG Gas (Propane)
Chemical Handling
Alcohols and Solvents
Bitumen Transfer
High-Temperature Fluids
Dust Extraction Systems
Distillation Drying
Industrial Furnaces
Vacuum Filtration

How a Rotary Vane Pump Works

It starts with a splined rotor that sits slightly off-centre inside a cycloidal cam, forming a crescent-shaped cavity. Two side plates seal the rotor into the cam, and vanes or blades fit into slots on the rotor.

When the rotor starts spinning and fluid enters the pump, forces such as hydraulic pressure push these vanes toward the housing walls. This creates a tight seal between the vanes, the rotor, the cam, and the side plate, which is the secret behind the powerful suction ability of rotary vane pumps.

Now, think of this process as a journey for the fluid. It enters the pump on the suction side of the chamber. As the rotor spins, the fluid gets compressed until the chamber reaches its maximum capacity.

After that, it’s like the fluid takes a slide into the discharge chamber and exits the pump. An exhaust valve acts like a guard, preventing backflow by blocking contents that try to reenter the pump. In essence, these pumps are like the heart of any hydraulic system, circulating liquids efficiently and reliably.

When it comes to vane pump needs, go with Hunter Pumps and feel the difference in quality and efficiency.

Benefits of Rotary Vane Pumps

Rotary vane pumps have numerous benefits, making them an excellent choice for various applications.

Rotary vane pumps excel at self-priming, removing the need for costly priming and monitoring systems.

Extended dry run capability

These pumps can run dry for extended periods without damage.

Low maintenance and economical

Rotary vane pumps are both low maintenance and cost-effective.

Easily replaceable vanes

The vane pumps, which wear over time, can be easily replaced, minimising downtime and saving costs.

No need for gearboxes

Many rotary vane pumps can be direct-driven or belt-driven, eliminating the requirement for gearboxes to reduce operating speeds.

High efficiency

Rotary vane pumps are highly efficient, requiring less horsepower than other pumps, leading to a cheaper motor and reduced electricity use.


These pumps are reversible, making them useful for loading or unloading vessels and ensuring liquid recovery from delivery hoses or piping.

Capability to pump fluids with solids:

These pumps can handle fluids containing solids, albeit at slow internal pumping velocities.

Constant flow at different pressures

Hydraulic vane pumps can provide constant flow at varying pressures.

Pressure relief valve

Includes a pressure relief valve to control pressure build-up inside the pump and prevent damage.

Handling fluids with low to medium viscosity

Rotary vane pumps can manage fluids with low to medium viscosity, including chemicals, fuel oil, diesel, kerosene, gasoline, and more.

Self-adjusting design

The sliding-vane pump design is self-adjusting, with easy-to-replace vanes.

Simplified installation

Due to their dual-ended shaft with 2 to 3-inch models, installation is simplified.

Adjustable relief valves

These pumps include adjustable relief valves.

Protected ball bearings

The mechanical seals protect ball bearings from wear or contamination.

With all these advantages, rotary vane pumps from Hunter Pumps deliver an efficient and complete solution for your pumping needs.

Boost Your Operations with Hunter Pumps' Rotary Vane Pumps

Hunter Pumps offers the best solution for your pumping needs. Our positive displacement pump is specifically designed to handle fluids of low to medium viscosity, effectively transporting liquid through a crescent-shaped cavity. As the fluid gets compressed, it is expelled smoothly through the outlet port. Not only are our pumps efficient, but they also require low maintenance, making them a cost-effective choice for your business.

Don’t let subpar pumps hinder your operations. Choose Hunter Pumps and experience seamless, efficient pumping solutions.

Need to add a vane pump to your overall pumping system? We have everything you need. From product supply to repair and servicing, we’ve got you covered. 

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