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Hunter Pumps Industrial, a leading supplier of industrial pumps in Australia, is renowned for delivering the best equipment on time and to specification. Our commitment to offering the best equipment on time and to specification has made us a trusted name in the industry. We are proud to service Australia-wide and New Zealand with the best Twin Screw Pumps sourced from some of the world’s most trusted brands.

Our Twin Screw Pumps are known for their high-head, high-flow pumping capabilities, making them ideal for the most demanding applications regardless of temperature, pressure, or viscosity.

What Are Twin Screw Pumps?

Twin Screw Pumps, or two screw pumps, are positive displacement pumps consisting of two screw spindles, timing gears, and a closed compartment inside which the screw spindles are fixed. The screws move fluids and solids along the axis, operating over a large speed range. Twin Screw Pumps can have a dual function in hygienic applications that allows them to efficiently pump the product at low speed while handling CIP fluid at high speed, eliminating the need for an additional CIP pump.

Twin screw pumps deliver a pulsation-free flow, even with low viscosity products, and can handle volatile and gaseous fluids. The ability to create a high vacuum enables these pumps to be self-priming, making them popular in industries like food and beverage or pharmaceuticals, w

Twin Screw Pumps Features and Benefits

How Does a Twin Screw Pump Work?

A Twin Screw Pump belongs to the positive displacement pump principle, which means it transfers fluids in accordance with the speed and pitch of two screws located inside the pump housing.

As these screws counter-rotate while turning, the two screws are forming closed chambers that are moving in an axial direction. This movement creates a vacuum at the inlet side, generating suction within the pump. No metal-to-metal contact within the pump housing ensures optimal pumping performance even when handling non-lubricating, corrosive, or contaminated fluids.

The volume of product transferred is directly proportional to the speed and pitch of the screws. As the fluid’s volume decreases between the rotating screws, pressure builds up, allowing the liquid to move out of the pump towards the outlet. This double chamber technic results in an almost pulsation-free operation, making the twin screw pump suitable for transferring high and low viscosity products.

Key Applications

Food & Beverage
Pharmaceutical / Cosmetics
Chemicals / Industrial

Enhancing Operational Efficiency with Hunter Pumps' Premium Twin Screw Pumps

As a leading supplier of industrial pumps in Australia, Hunter Pumps offers an extensive range of twin screw pumps from the most trusted brands. These universal twin screw pumps operate on the principle of a positive displacement pump, ensuring smooth operation and efficiency across multiple duties.

Our trained and experienced staff, who can be dispatched swiftly, provide quick response times for parts and services, further enhancing the overall performance of your operations. With Hunter Pumps, you are guaranteed to improve your efficiency as our twin screw pumps offer the best in class performance.

Does your application require twin screw pumps to be added to your operations? Let the team at Hunter Pumps help you out with that. From product selection to design, testing, scheduled maintenance and repairs, you can depend on our end-to-end services and trusted twin screw pump manufacturers for unwavering excellence.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Yes, Twin Screw Pumps usually come with a fully drainable front cover.

Twin Screw Pumps and Gear Pumps are both positive displacement pumps with key differences. Twin Screw Pumps have superior suction, operate at higher speeds, are more efficient, quieter, and have a smaller footprint. Gear Pumps can handle higher pressures but are generally larger and noisier. The choice between the two depends on the specific application requirements.

Single screw pumps operate at a slower RPM using a gearbox, treating liquids gently to preserve their constitution and handling solids. Over their lifespan, the stator is replaced independently from the rotor. Conversely, twin screw pumps operate at higher speeds, implying different operational mechanics and fluid handling capabilities.

Our twin screw pumps are designed with easy maintenance in mind. The simple yet robust design allows for easy servicing and replacement of parts, reducing the time and effort required for maintenance operations. This ensures that your pumps remain operational and efficient for longer periods.

We ensure that our Twin Screw Pumps are developed according to the highest hygienic standards, including EHEDG. They are designed to fulfil the most stringent hygienic and efficiency requirements, making them ideal for even the most delicate hygienic applications.

Our twin screw pumps at Hunter Pumps are highly versatile. They have a low inlet pressure requirement, contributing to their efficiency and adaptability. They can operate at a wide range of speeds, making them suitable for numerous tasks. This versatility allows them to be used for multiple duties, such as process supply and Cleaning in Place (CIP) supply.

The lifespan of a twin screw pump largely depends on how it's used and maintained. Regular servicing and replacement of the stator can significantly extend its life.