Pumps Designed for the Mining Industry

Pumps Designed for the Mining Industry

Outstanding Mining Pump Solutions by Hunter Pumps

Unleash the potential of robust performance with Hunter Pumps Industrial, your dependable source for durable mining pump solutions in Australia. We supply heavy-duty pumping equipment essential for any mining operation’s success. Our range of mining pumps includes submersible pumps, slurry pumps, centrifugal pumps, dewatering pumps, sewage pumps, diaphragm pumps, and more. Engineered to safely and effectively ensure fluid transfer for various applications, our pumps are sourced from leading brands and suppliers.

At Hunter Pumps, we are committed to providing the highest standard of pumps, delivering the best solution for every project in the mining industry.

Pumps Designed for the Mining Industry

Powering Mining Operations with Efficient Custom Pumping Solutions

Hunter Pumps services the mining industry across Australia and New Zealand through a comprehensive approach that ensures efficient operations and high performance. We offer custom solutions, designing, supplying, and installing a full range of pumping systems most suitable for mining operations. Our broad client base benefits from our expertise in mine dewatering and handling solids at the mine site. We ensure our models operate effectively under the challenging conditions of mining operations, contributing to high efficiencies.

We offer a full range of pumps including:

This extensive range enables us to meet the diverse needs of our clients in the mining industry.

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Types of Mining Pumps

The mining industry calls for a wide variety of pumps, each tailored to meet specific requirements:

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Centrifugal Slurry Pumps
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Submersible Pump
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Borehole Pumps
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Diaphragm Pumps
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Self-Priming Pumps
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Rotary Pumps

At Hunter Pumps, we understand that each pump type comes with unique benefits and selection depends largely on the specific needs of the mining operation. We offer the widest range of mining pumps, including highly abrasive slurry pumps, lobe pumps, and more. Our pumps are known for their efficiency and can serve a broad spectrum of industries, ensuring that the pumped materials are handled effectively.

Mining Pump Applications

Mining pumps are paramount for efficient, quality operations in the mining industry, catering to specific applications and boosting overall productivity.

Hunter Pumps offers a comprehensive range of mining pumps designed for various mining applications.

Mine Dewatering
Mineral Processing
Reagent Dosing
Tailings Management
Water Supply
Pressure Boosting
Wastewater Transfer
Dust Suppression
At Hunter Pumps, we understand the importance of each mining pump application and strive to provide top-notch equipment that meets your specific needs.

Common Pump Challenges in the Mining Industry and Solutions by Hunter Pumps

In the mining industry, pump operations often face significant challenges, such as managing suspended solids, dealing with corrosion, and avoiding impact damage. Hunter Pumps provides tailored solutions to address these challenges effectively.

Suspended Solids

One of the most prevalent causes of mine dewatering pump failure is clogging from gritty, suspended solids and slurry. Hunter Pumps combats this issue by offering submersible pumps designed to handle high concentrations of such solids, reducing the risk of clogging and ensuring uninterrupted operations.


Corrosive fluids, such as superheated water laden with pyrite, iron, or sand, can damage pumps over time. To tackle this, Hunter Pumps uses durable materials like stainless steel in their pump construction, which can resist corrosion and extend the pump's lifespan.


Mining operations can inadvertently cause impact damage to pumps. Hunter Pumps addresses this challenge through proper placement strategies, keeping pumps away from heavy equipment and high-traffic areas within the mine.

Proper Sump Design

A well-designed sump can collect and separate heavy solids, protecting the pump from clogging and abrasion. Hunter Pumps aids in designing effective sump systems, contributing to smoother pump operations.

Use of Durable Materials

Hunter Pumps uses robust materials in their pump construction to withstand the harsh conditions of mining operations. This ensures the durability and longevity of their pumps.

Proper Placement

Hunter Pumps advocates for the strategic placement of pumps within mining sites to prevent accidental damage from heavy machinery or other operational activities.

At Hunter Pumps, we understand the importance of each mining pump application and strive to provide top-notch equipment that meets your specific needs.

Reliable Pumps & Services for Australia's Mining Industry

Trust Hunter Pumps for reliable and robust mining pumps in the demanding mining industry. Our experienced team offers comprehensive pump services, including testing, repair, and supply. We provide solutions tailored to your specific needs.

Don’t let pump issues hinder your operations. Contact our team today for unparalleled efficiency and reliability.


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