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Hunter Pumps Industrial, with more than a quarter-century of experience, is the leading supplier of industrial pumps, including drum pumps, in Australia. We’re committed to partnering with world-renowned brands and adhering to strict sanitation WHS/OH&S guidelines, so you can count on receiving top-quality pumping solutions that meet your needs.

What is a Drum Pump?

A drum pump is a type of portable pump, placed on top of a drum or barrel designed for the safe and efficient transfer of fluids, particularly those with low viscosity, from one container to another. They are specifically designed to fit into the upper opening of large containers such as drums, barrels, or Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs), eliminating the need to lift or tip these heavy containers.

Drum pumps are commonly used in agriculture, manufacturing, sanitation, and fleet maintenance operations for dispensing fuels or other fluids and transferring fluids to smaller containers.

Drum Pump Features and Benefits

How Does a Drum Pump Work?

A drum pump is used to transfer liquids from large containers or drums. It has a long, narrow tube that fits into the top opening of a drum. This tube, known as an immersion tube, has a motor attached to it which can be powered by AC or DC electricity. The motor drives a pump located at the other end of the immersion tube.

When the motor is turned on, the pumped liquid flows through the sealed column between the sleeve and the tube to the discharge port at the motor end of the immersion tube.

Drum pumps can handle low or medium-viscosity fluids and are designed to penetrate the fluid completely. They can be used interchangeably across multiple containers.

The choice of impeller, axial or semi-axial, depends on the fluid’s characteristics and the discharge requirements. Axial impellers are suitable for light fluids with short discharge lines, while semi-axial impellers are preferable for heavier fluids and longer discharge lines. For extremely thick fluids (up to 100,000cP), a progressive cavity design is most effective.

Without drum pumps, drums would have to be tipped over to be emptied out, which is inefficient, difficult, and risky, as liquids processed in manufacturing or processing plants usually range between 100 and 200 litres per barrel.

Types of Drum Pumps

Drum pumps come in different types, but the basic operating principles are similar.

What Is a Drum Pump Used For?

A drum pump is a versatile instrument used in various settings, including industrial, commercial, and laboratories. It’s designed to handle a wide array of liquids such as chemicals, solvents, oils, diesel, food and beverage products, fuel, and viscous substances like resins, grease, and pastes. The working principle of a drum pump involves pumping liquid which then flows at controlled rates, eliminating the need for manually lifting and pouring from heavy containers. These pumps are especially useful for transporting liquids safely and efficiently.

Here are some main uses of a drum pump:

Fluid Transfer

Drum pumps are ideal for moving different types of liquids from one place to another. They can handle anything from low-viscosity fluids like oils and fuels to high-viscosity substances like resins and pastes.

Dispensing and Dosing

In settings where precise amounts of liquids need to be dispensed, drum pumps come in handy. They allow for accurate dosing, ensuring that the right amount of liquid is delivered each time.

Mixing and Blending

Some drum pumps can also mix or blend liquids within the container itself. This feature is beneficial when dealing with substances that need to be thoroughly mixed before use.

Emptying Drums

When it comes to completely emptying a drum, these pumps are very efficient. They ensure minimal waste, allowing for almost all the liquid to be removed from the container.

Does your facility handle and store liquids in drums or barrels? To move liquids effectively and efficiently, Hunter Pump supplies, tests, services, and repairs the world’s best drum pumps.

Industrial Drum Pump Applications

Not sure if a drum and barrel pump is the right fit for your specific needs? These pumps are perfect for a wide range of applications, including, but definitely not limited to:

Hunter Pumps offers top-quality Drum Pumps, designed to efficiently and safely transfer various chemicals and fluids. These pumps have become the go-to solution across many industries. Each pump is uniquely designed to meet the specific needs of its setting.

4-Step Drum Pump Selection Process

Here’s how you can find the right drum pump for your specific needs in just four simple steps. Choose the ideal model for exceptional performance.

Ask the Right Questions

The first step in selecting the right drum pump is understanding your specific needs. What fluid will the drum pump handle? What is the required head and flow? Is the fluid abrasive or corrosive? What is the temperature of the fluid? What is the container or drum size? Do the drum pumps come with a discharge hose? What are the specific gravity and viscosity of the fluid? These are some of the questions you need to answer. 

Select the Best Drum Pump

After gathering all the necessary information, you can proceed to select the most suitable pump for your needs. This decision should take into account factors such as the pump’s design, capacity, efficiency, and compatibility with your fluid type.
Each pump type has unique strengths and is designed for specific applications, so choose one that aligns with your needs.


Drum pumps can benefit from various accessories to enhance safety, convenience, and efficacy in different scenarios. When choosing a pump, consider the following common accessories and how they can make the pump operate for a specific situation:

Choose the Right Motor

The last step is selecting the right motor for your pump. Not all pump motors can be used interchangeably. Each series of drum pumps is designed to work best with certain specific motors for smooth operation. Many of these motors have speed control features that let you adjust the flow rates precisely. Also, some motor types are better suited for specific environments.

Here are the most common motor options and their key characteristics:

Versatile and Efficient Drum Pump Solutions

When it comes to getting drum pumps, Hunter Pumps Industrial is the industry leader you can rely on. Our pumps are not just reliable and efficient but also versatile, catering to any application you might need. Our drum pumps are designed to efficiently transfer fluids, making them an ideal choice for safe handling of solvents, chemicals, and mildly corrosive substances. The flow control feature allows precise management of fluid transfer rates, ensuring optimal performance.

Choosing Hunter Pumps means engaging with a specialist who offers end-to-end solutions – from effective pump selection to efficient pump system design. This ensures that you’re equipped with a solution that best fits your needs.

Need Expert Pump Selection Guidance?

Hunter Pumps Industrial understands the challenges of pump selection and application. Our hand-operated drum pumps and electric drum pumps are built by the world’s leading manufacturers to be both practical and efficient. Our professionals are dedicated to providing expert guidance in selecting the ideal pump for your needs. Spare parts are also available for emergency cases. As a trusted pump solutions provider in Australia, we prioritise quality and customer satisfaction.

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