Effective Pump Selection & Efficient Pump System Design

Effective Pump Selection & Efficient Pump System Design

Selecting a pump doesn’t have to be difficult when you work with us. 

When you engage Hunter Pumps, you aren’t just contracting a supplier, you are engaging an end-to-end specialist – a designer, installer, service and repair specialist, commissioner and tester of industrial pumping systems, with ongoing technical support.

When designing an efficient pump system, it is critical to specify the design to match the pumping application. If you install a pump that doesn’t match, you will likely experience inadequate performance or overconsumption of energy, equating to cost inefficiencies. 

Informed Selection & Supply

Informed decision making is critical to any successful business operation. Hunter Pumps provide free technical advice that is backed by qualified engineers and more than 25 years of experience in business. No matter what your knowledge level of pumps is, we are at your service, to offer unbiased and engineer certified expertise to get your pump system running at full potential. We help you select the correct pumps to suit your specific application and we have a wide range of brands and suppliers to choose from to find the best solution for you and your project. Backed by a comprehensive range of internationally renowned pump types and brands, you can be sure we will find a solution to suit your needs.

The Impact of Accurate Pump System Design

Effective pump system design is important for acquiring efficiency, functionality, safety and cost-effectiveness of your pump system. While changes in pumping requirements, wear and tear, and congestion in pipes can all lead to decreased efficiency over time, the correct specification and design of your pump for a specific application is the first port of call for your system efficiency.  

Inefficiency of a pumping system often stems from the discrepancies between the actual system requirements and the proposed design. Pumps system designs may be underestimated and conservative or overestimated and oversized, both leading to long-term problems or higher energy costs due to unnecessary high energy consumption. Some common symptoms of an inefficient pump system include but are not limited to damage to valves, excessive system operation noise, piping stress, high ongoing maintenance costs and a loss of productivity.

Hunter Pump’s dedicated engineering and design team works collaboratively with our competent sales team to translate your requirements into practical solutions. With designated mechanical specialists, we’ll ensure your pump system will meet all critical standards, flow rates, environmental conditions and other requirements of your operations for optimal performance and system efficiency. 

Our design and specification process typically entails:

  • Determine end use requirements of your operations and the fluids being pumped
  • Accurately identifying process flow rate and pressure requirements 
  • Measure actual head and flow rate
  • Identify if the pump will have any downtime, or require constant usage
  • Develop a system curve for efficiency
  • Select suitable pumps with high efficiency over the expected range of operating conditions
  • Specify electric motors that meet the Minimum Energy Performance Standards (MEPS) efficiency standards.
  • Use life cycle costing techniques to justify acquiring high efficiency pumps and designing efficient systems.
  • Gain an understanding of the environmental conditions
  • Identify what pump materials are compatible with the liquids that it will come in contact with
  • Propose pump options and devise recommendations considering your unique requirements. 


Selecting the appropriate type of pump and its speed and power characteristics requires an understanding of its operating principles. The most challenging aspect of the design process is matching the pump and motor characteristics to the needs of the system cost-effectively.

For more than 25 years, Hunter Pumps has supported 1000s of Australian and New Zealand clients to secure affordable and efficient pumping solutions. Supplying and designing efficient pump systems including manufacturing pumps, food & beverage processing pumps, chemical & infrastructure pumps, environmental pumps, mining pumps, petrochemical pumps, wastewater treatment pumps, commercial. air conditioning pumps, irrigation & agricultural pumps. 

Contact Hunter Pumps for all your pumping needs.

Whether you need a custom-built pumping system, an urgent spare part, require routine maintenance or emergency servicing, our team of qualified staff are here to help you through all stages of your project.

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