Value of Preventative Pump Maintenance to address Top 5 Pump Issues

The True Value of Preventative Pump Maintenance

Plus the Top 5 Pump Issues that stem from Maintenance Neglect

All mechanical equipment requires maintenance – it’s a fact. Ask any mechanical engineer and you’ll get the same answer.

Preventative pump maintenance is essential to ensure that your industrial pumps continue to operate efficiently and effectively.

Routine maintenance ensures a longer life span for your pump and prevents major damage and emergency pump repairs. There’s a good reason it is called preventative maintenance!

As an end-to-end industrial pump specialist, Hunter Pumps goes well beyond the design and supply of effective pumping systems. We also offer unmatched after-sales support, including on-site emergency repairs, urgent and preventative servicing, diagnostics, testing and commissioning, design, testing and installation.

So what is the true value of preventative pump maintenance?

Well, look at it this way. What is the cost of each day that your business is forced to close? Halted by a major pump catastrophe, if your operations depend on a pump to function, then compare that to the cost of scheduling preventative maintenance in advance.

We can assure you the cost of preventive maintenance is far less than the cost of repairing, part replacement or full pump system replacement.

Preventative maintenance will ultimately keep your pump running as efficiently as possible, reduce downtime, reduce equipment run costs, extend the life of the pump and ensure that your pump is never neglected.

The Top 5 Pump Issues that stem from Maintenance Neglect

1. Pumps Blocking Up
Pump blockages typically occur at pump intake and outflow points, and regular cleaning is necessary to ensure that buildup and/or contamination issues don’t impact a pump’s function. Buildup can lead to failure, and the simplest way to prevent this problem is regularly scheduled preventive maintenance and cleaning.
2. Seal Failure
Failing to prime a pump, or improperly lubricating seals will quickly dry them out. Dry seals tend to be a pain point as they can crack and leak. To prevent this common problem, create a protective fluid barrier around the seal by priming pumps before starting them.
3. Float Switch Failure
Failure of float switches are generally caused by a lack of ongoing maintenance. The most effective way to keep them up and running is to have a regular maintenance plan in place.
4. Faulty Electrical Components
Humidity, Moisture, Corrosion, Dust and Contamination. These elements, combined or alone, are a recipe for disaster. If the invasive particles are abrasive, like sand, they will wear down the components of the motor. If they have electrical qualities, they can interfere with the electrical currents as they move across the components. If too many particles block the motor vents, it can cause excess heat to collect in the motor. This is why it is crucial to conduct preventive pump maintenance and ensure the pump’s Ingress Protection (IP) is functioning effectively.
5. Power Surge Damage
Power surges can be very damaging to electronic equipment like pumps, making it important that precautionary measures are in place to avoid them.

Hunter Pumps Preventative Pump Maintenance Services

Hunter Pumps are a leading turnkey industry supplier of industrial pumps, and our experienced preventative pump maintenance department has the following capabilities:

  • Emergency on-site repairs
  • Urgent and preventative servicing
  • Diagnostics, testing and commissioning
  • Pump system design, testing and installation.
Our service area spans most of the Hunter and Upper Hunter regions of NSW including Newcastle, Maitland, Cessnock, Dungog, Lake Macquarie, Mid-Coast NSW, Muswellbrook, Port Stephens, Singleton, and beyond.
If you have any questions or need support we’d love to hear from you!
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