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With over 25 years of experience, Hunter Pumps Industrial has established itself as a leading supplier of wash bay pumps in Australia and New Zealand. We specialise in providing fast and effective cleaning solutions for car washes, mine sites, and heavy vehicle wash bays. Our equipment, sourced from the world’s most trusted brands, is delivered on time and to specification, ensuring your wash bay compliance with all regulations. We’re proud to be an integral part of the maintenance routine in industries using heavy machinery.

About Wash Bay Pumps

Wash bay pumps are integral to the effective cleaning of heavy vehicles and equipment often used in the agriculture, construction, and mining sectors. These systems, which can be temporary or permanent, small or large, covered or uncovered, are designed to wash cars, containers, and heavy equipment like tractors, bulldozers, grinders, forklifts, graders, and backhoes that are exposed to abrasive materials, fuel, dirt, oil, and chemicals daily.

Wash bays employ several types of pumps such as positive displacement pumps, pressure centrifugal pumps, submersible wastewater pumps, sewage pumps, and vacuum pumps to fulfil their function properly and efficiently.


Effective and Efficient Operating Principles of Wash Bay Pumps

The operating principles of wash bay pumps, such as those used in vehicle wash bays and carwashes, are designed to be both effective and efficient. These pumps can be used in underground bays and automated systems for cleaning vehicles and equipment.

The process begins at the wash pad area where high-pressure water systems, including pressure washers or water cannons, spray off dirt and grease from the vehicles. The wash pad is angled to catch the dirty water, leading it to a basin that collects water contaminated with chemicals and grime.

This dirty water is then directed towards a water treatment recycling system. Contaminants are effectively separated from the water, which is stored for future reuse, making the process very energy-efficient.

Meanwhile, pollutants are efficiently drained into a disposal system. High pressure pumps provide convenience, using less electricity and water, contributing to an eco-friendly cleaning process. By effectively rinsing off excess dirt from trucks and other equipment, these pumps enhance their function and longevity.

Wash Bay Pump Applications

Types of Pumps

Positive Displacement Pumps

Positive displacement pumps operate by forcing a fixed volume of fluid from the inlet pressure section of the pump into the discharge zone. These pumps are generally used when dealing with viscous fluids or when precise flow control is required.

Centrifugal Pumps

Centrifugal pumps work by using the centrifugal force to move fluid through a piping system. These pumps need to be filled with fluid (primed) before they can operate. They are commonly used in many commercial and industrial applications, including water, sewage, petroleum and petrochemical pumping.

Wash Bay Pumps Features

  • Effective in providing fast cleaning for heavy equipment and machineries.

  • Positive displacement pumps are utilised in oil separators, sewage systems, and pressure and vacuum pumps.

  • Coalescing plate separators utilise positive displacement pumps like a diaphragm or helical rotor types to gently agitate water and oil mixtures.

  • Vortex and centrifugal pumps can create turbulent inlet flow, breaking down oil into tiny drops in the mixture.

  • Positive displacement pumps are often used in spray washers as they are capable of producing high pressure.

  • Multistage pumps can also be used for pressure washing.

  • Centrifugal pumps are superior in other wash bay applications.

  • Submersible wastewater pumps move oil and waste liquids to authorised sewer or water treatment plants for recycling.

  • Above ground, mud handling is done using a self-cleaning lift station along with cone bottom settling tanks equipped with automatic pinch valve assemblies.

  • Biodigester technology uses strong aeration and specific bacteria to break down all hydrocarbons that enter the system.

For reliable and efficient wash bay pumps, consider Hunter Pumps Industrial – a trusted industry leader renowned for durable and high-performing solutions.

Why Choose Hunter Pumps Industrial for Your Wash Bay Pump Needs?

Hunter Pumps Industrial, a trusted pump solutions provider across Australia, offers a comprehensive range of pumps designed for efficient operation in wash bay areas, including centrifugal pumps, multistage pumps, and submersible pumps. Our complete solution includes project management, design engineering, manufacturing, installation, and commissioning – a testament to their commitment to providing end-to-end service.

Our team of trained and experienced staff is always ready to be dispatched for quick and effective pump servicing. By choosing Hunter Pumps, you are investing in quality, reliability, and peace of mind for your industrial pumping needs. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

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